The Community ConneXions Work Readiness (WR) Programme was designed in response to individuals from Alexandra who are struggling to find and / or keep work. Among the most prevalent needs which this programme seeks to address are behavioural and educational issues. The programme was designed by taking a holistic view of the recruitment process and is focused towards preparing prospective employees to secure, maintain and grow in their employment.

The purpose of the programme is to help candidates acquire the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge required for any type of employment as a foundation to existing or yet-to-be-developed vocational skills.

Central to our service is the aspect of community integration, whereby we seek to connect individuals to training, internship, apprenticeship and employment opportunities.

CCX does not just consider the needs of potential employees (labour supply) but actively seeks to understand and meet the needs of employers (labour demand). The goal is to form strategic partnerships with employers.

Our approach is essentially needs-guided and character-focused, with the aim of equipping participants with the necessary soft skills as a foundation for successful & sustained employment.

For more information on the CCX Work Readiness Programme, and for upcoming dates and events, please take a look visit our News page or contact us.

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