Many decisions we make at a young age affect our entire lives. By offering vision, support and access to opportunities, we hope to set up young people on purposeful and fulfilling path.

We are passionate about working with school students aged 15-18 (grade 10-12) in public / private schools who come from impoverished backgrounds. These students face a range of adverse circumstances, including difficulty in accessing necessary support structures, opportunities for tertiary education and employment, and a lack of finance. Among the prevalent needs are solid relationships, hope and vision and ongoing encouragement.

It is our desire to work with students by...


Providing Vision Encouraging & Empowering Action
Creating Access to Opportunities              


The burden of responsibility always remains with the individual – we simply seek to provide the vision and platform for focused leadership, responsibility and action. Our desire is to see growth and change at an individual level which will lead to wider community transformation. As students are inspired and supported in taking envisioned action, we trust that each individual will grow in being responsible for self and others by making community-minded decisions which lead to self-sustainable lifestyles. As leaders who take initiative for the welfare of others, we expect to see:

  • Improved school performance
  • Increased casual employment
  • Increased number of individuals in further education, learnerships, apprenticeships, internships, employment
  • New business ventures started
  • Improved pass rates

For more information on the CCX School Programme, and for upcoming dates and events, please visit our News page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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