The CCX Food Security (FS) Programme aims at improving household stability through expense reduction and management. Its bigger vision is to promote wise household management as part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

The Programme was designed to assist people from impoverished circumstances in Alexandra to increase their household stability by reducing food-related overheads and improving overall health through nutrition.

This 3-day workshop equips individuals to plant & cultivate a 3x3 metre garden which can cover a 4-person family's need of vegetables throughout the year. All required materials and resources are provided free of charge.

This programme is particularly suitable for those individuals who need an immediate solution to poverty while they pursue long-term solutions in either employment or business ownership, allowing them to develop ownership and become productive in the mean time.

For more information on the CCX Food Security Programme, and for upcoming dates and events, please take a look visit our News page or contact us.

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