Who we are

Community ConneXions is a group of people operating as a Section 18 A Non-Profit Organisation who are passionate about seeing transformed lives and communities, which are sustainably free from poverty.

Community ConneXions is an independent, South African Public Benefit Organisation which works with individuals from impoverished communities regardless of race, gender or spiritual beliefs.

What we do

We focus on serving individuals holistically to become self-sustainable and community-minded.
We Inspire & Envision, Teach & Train, Resource & Equip the people we walk with.
We connect communities by inspiring partnerships and creating access to opportunities.

Community ConneXions (CCX) offers a range of solutions that will allow beneficiaries to affect foundational change in their lives resulting in sustainable freedom from poverty and the socio-economic development of their communities. Each of our strategic responses focuses on addressing the needs of the individual as a whole person.

Our solutions include:

  • The CCX Change 4 Life Programme
  • The CCX Entrepreneurial Development (ED) Programme
  • The CCX Business Mentorship (BM) Programme
  • The CCX Work Readiness (WR) Programme
  • The CCX Food Security (FS) Programme
  • The CCX School Programme

How we work

Community ConneXions wants to see transformed lives and communities.

Our aim is to serve and assist individuals and organisations in communities to affect the required change. We believe in and practice Partnership without Ownership. In order to achieve this, we partner with communities by inspiring and connecting individuals and organisations in the respective community.
We are convinced that the only way to achieve sustainable transformation in communities is by inspiring, training and equipping individuals to serve their own communities. In addition, we want to integrate each person (further) into their communities by connecting them to other people and opportunities.


Serving the Community through the Community

Who we work with

We currently work with individuals from communities in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Our current efforts area geared towards Current Heads of Households – income providers and responsibility bearers aged 25-45 (male and female) for households with dependants; who demonstrate vision and initiative, but require assistance in overcoming obstacles to economic freedom and self-sustainability.

From 2014 onwards, we will also be working with Future Heads of Households – current high-school students aged 15-18 (male and female) who will be future income providers and responsibility bearers for households; who require vision, preparation and access to opportunities following their school education.

In South Africa, our current efforts are concentrated on the township of Alexandra, located to the east of Johannesburg.

In Zimbabwe, our efforts are concentrated on empowering Current Heads of Households through Entrepreneurial Development. We work in close partnership with Elevate Communities, a local Entrepreneurial Development organisation, in various communities country wide.

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