The goal of the CCX Entrepreneurial Development Programme is to recognise, inspire and encourage entrepreneurial ability resulting in sustainable new business start-ups and strengthened existing ventures.

It exists to empower individuals from impoverished and underprivileged backgrounds to start, develop and sustain their own businesses, thereby providing income (stability) for their families, serving the needs of their communities and contributing to local, regional and national socio-economic development.

The programme consists of several key pillars:

  • Formal training through the Foundations 4 Business¬© workshop
  • Fundraising and Financing of Business Ventures based on key selection criteria
  • Community Integration of individuals and their businesses through relationships, networks and support structures, including:
    • Informal and Formal Mentorship Opportunities

The programme is designed to help individuals acquire a strong mix of relevant & applicable business knowledge & skills to ensure businesses are built on solid foundations.

All businesses are funded through interest-free loans which are repaid into a central fund plus a management fee levied as a percentage of the loan principal. This model recycles one initial investment up to 18 businesses and ensures that the running costs of the programme are covered.

For more information on the CCX Entrepreneurial Development Programme, and for upcoming dates and events, please take a look visit our News page or contact us.

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