The Community ConneXions Business Mentorship Programme exists to serve new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs through a mix of (in)formal mentorship – Peer2Peer and Mentor/Mentee – and supporting (in)formal training.

The driving vision and mission for this programme is to help new and existing business owners build and manage sustainable businesses. We recognise that running a business is no simple feat under normal circumstances. In the case of our beneficiaries, these challenges are aggravated by adverse socio-economic backgrounds and circumstances, reinforcing the need of solid support structures for entrepreneurs and business owners.

In addition, this is a valuable service to beneficiaries, many of whom have not had a formal education and who will require ongoing training and advice regarding business matters which will be covered in initial training workshops. The real challenge then lies in the application of these principles and lessons.

For more information on the CCX Business Mentorship Programme, and for upcoming dates and events, please take a look visit our News page or contact us.

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